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TruCotton™ is 100% cotton fiber and nothing else, which means it’s soft enough to sleep on and great in products where dryness is essential, like diapers, wipes, and sanitary napkins.

TruCotton Works

Truly affordable, versatile, and sustainable, TruCotton can help you resolve your manufacturing challenges.

True Story

Born from generations of agricultural knowledge and breakthrough inspiration, TruCotton is a superior, natural cotton product that’s changing the global nonwovens industry.

The Truth About TruCotton

What makes TruCotton more than just cotton?

Our cotton fibers have not been chemically altered; therefore, the natural waxes and oils remain on the fiber. That means TruCotton is naturally hydrophobic (it repels moisture). This allows for exceptional processing characteristics in any textile or nonwovens staple fiber manufacturing scheme.

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When it comes to purity, TruCotton is just what the name suggests—truly and purely 100% natural cotton fibers and nothing else. We remove 99.99+% of trash from the cotton fibers while opening them for easy processability. This is pure cotton, made more useful.


Unlike virtually all other processed cotton fibers used for consumer goods, TruCotton is nonscoured and nonbleached. Instead, through a mechanical cleaning process, TruCotton retains the natural virtues of greige cotton fiber.


Grown from the Earth and good for the planet, TruCotton is an ideal substitute for synthetic fibers. Our breakthrough process uses no water, chemicals, or process heat while retaining cotton’s hydrophobic qualities.


Of course TruCotton is soft. After all, it is cotton, one of nature’s fluffiest and softest fibers. This natural comfort makes our specially processed fibers ideal for a variety of medical and personal care products. In addition, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic.


Among the many advantages of TruCotton, perhaps the most profound is its sustainability. Our fibers are naturally biodegradable, compostable, renewable, and sustainable—because it’s cotton, refined. With a global push to curtail single-use plastics, TruCotton is nature’s answer.


TruCotton adds real value for the budget-conscious and environmentally conscious consumer. We eliminated much of the cost associated with processed cotton, which means we keep our prices affordable and comparable to the price of synthetics.

TruCotton Brings Purity + Performance to Your Nonwoven Process

TruCotton Brings Purity + Performance to Your Nonwoven Process

TruCotton leads the nonwovens industry in providing environmentally safe and economical, high-performance products that are good for your business and good for our planet. We can provide true solutions to your nonwoven manufacturing challenges.