From Nature
Back to Nature

Our sustainability story is rooted in a legacy of cotton farming and production, a legacy that continues to leave the land the way we found it.

TruCotton is produced in accordance with the industry’s highest ecological standards and criteria: 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable, and sustainable.

TruCotton is grown in soil and returns to soil.

Minimal Process
Minimal Impact

TruCotton isn’t bleached, and it’s cleaned without the use of water, chemicals, or process heat. That’s worth repeating. Our breakthrough dry-purification process significantly reduces the use of energy and uses zero water, which makes TruCotton one of the most planet-friendly fibers for consumer goods—all while maintaining the cotton’s natural waxes and oils to make possible TruCotton’s incredible hydrophobic qualities.

Certified Sustainable

Our long list of accreditations below is proof of the serious steps we take to ensure what we make is not only safe for the planet, but good for the planet.

Ecologically Friendly
Grades and Blends

Our various TruCotton grades and exotic fiber blends are processed according to global top-tier sustainability standards and ecological criteria. Explore our line of sustainable TruCotton products, suggested applications, and manufacturing specifications.